Press Release
Tuesday, March 18th, 2014


March 18, 2014


After a great deal of prayer and wise counsel, today I am suspending my campaign for the United States Senate. We began this campaign nine months ago when we saw that there was not a strong voice for liberty working to confront Senator Udall and highlight how his liberal policies are hurting poor and working class Americans.

But in recent weeks, it has become clear that in order for Republicans to defeat our failed Democrat Senator Mark Udall, we must avoid a contentious primary election, in order to emerge with a nominee that is not bruised and battered heading into the General election in November. This is a mistake repeated year after year in Colorado and one I won’t allow to be repeated again.

I place great faith in our democratic process and want to honor the people’s ability to select their own leaders. Therefore, my full support will be behind the Party’s nominee chosen at the State Assembly in April. While I expect that Congressman Gardner will be the nominee, State Senator Randy Baumgardner is a friend and colleague in the Senate and I will wait to endorse until Randy decides what he will do.

As President Obama continues to abandon the checks and balances in our Constitution, it is increasingly important that we replace Harry Reid and Mark Udall and offer a set of policies that will constrain our out-of-control Federal government and return money and opportunity to the states.

I want to thank the thousands of people who supported my campaign and encourage them to keep fighting. With their great support and endorsements from Ron Paul, Tea Party Express, and the Republican Liberty Caucus, our campaign has demonstrated that the support for limited government and free enterprise is shared by millions of Americans nationwide.

Every day, supporters ask me to do whatever I can to fight for freedom. I will continue working hard to mobilize citizens to elect other pro-liberty candidates at the local, state and federal levels. We have a unique opportunity for unity within the Republican Party in Colorado, and we need all hands on deck in our fight to defeat Mark Udall.