About Owen
Owen HillOwen Hill moved to Colorado to attend and graduate from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs with a degree in Economics. He then earned a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis. At church, he met his wife Emily and today they raise and homeschool their four children, Kaiden, Miette, Ellis, and Elinor.

While working to help our community, Owen realized it was not good enough to complain about out-of-control government spending and our significant loss of personal Liberty. We must join with others who have pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to making limited, constitutional government a reality in America.

His desire is to give a voice to the poor and struggling. To Owen, those who say our country is too far gone are just as wrong as those who told our founding fathers that people could not govern themselves.

Owen HillAfter serving in the military, Owen held several leadership roles working in finance analysis and budget efficiency for non-profit charities such as Compassion International, the world's premier children's poverty organization. As a small businessman, veteran, Christian family man, and financial and budget specialist, Owen brings much-needed innovation and conservative leadership to revitalize Colorado's economy and a struggling Republican Party.

In 2010, Owen ran against the incumbent State Senate Majority Leader, Democrat John Morse. After being outspent 5 to 1, Owen lost by only 340 votes in a Democrat district. Even as a first time candidate, Owen outperformed all other Republican legislative candidates up and down the ballot.

Owen HillAfter new district lines were drawn for the 2012 elections, Owen was honored to win the Primary and General elections for State Senate District 10 by substantial margins; again outperforming all other Republican legislative candidates.

Owen's problem-solving approach, coupled with a passion for our state and nation, continues to inspire and motivate as he fights for all Coloradans in our State Legislature. Despite Owen's success as a conservative leader in the Colorado Senate, he realized that the heavy-hand and deficit-spending from our federal government can undo nearly every positive reform we make at the state level.

As Colorado's next U.S. Senator, Owen will continue his conservative and innovative approach to solve the national problems that our incumbent U.S. Senator helped to create.